Rare Species Fund – Projects Supported

This page illustrates just some of the work supported and done by the Rare Species
•Tiger Conservation – Khao Yai National Park, Thailand – Smithsonian Institution, Dr. JoGayle Howard
• Lion, leopard and Cheetah Conservation – Zimbabwe – WildCru

• Cheetah Conservation and Public Education about Predators – South Africa – Cheetah Outreach
• Cheetah Conservation – Namibia – Cheetah Conservation Fund
• Leopard and Cheetah Relocation – Matabeleland World Wildlife Heritage Site, Zimbabwe
• Orangutan Conservation & Environmental Reforestation – Borneo – Orangutan Foundation International
• Andean Mountain Cat Conservation – Chile – Small Wild Cat Conservation Foundation
• Asian Fishing Cat Conservation – Thailand – Fishing Cat Research and Conservation Project
• Tiger Conservation & Public Wildlife Education – Samutprakarn, Thailand
• Black-footed Cat Research & Relocation – Kimberly, South Africa – Black Footed Cat Working Group
• Black-footed Cat Conservation & Public Education about Predators – Cradock, South Africa –
Cat Conservation Trust
• Eagle Research and Protection – South Africa – Raptor Research Project
• Predator Conflict Avoidance and Problem Animal Relocation (Cheetahs, Leopards, Wild Dogs, etc.) –
South Africa – Endangered Wildlife Trust
• Jaguar Conservation & Indigenous Persons Education about Predators – Brazil – Smithsonian Institution
• Mitigation and Reimbursement for Livestock Lost to Predators (Jaguars and Pumas) –
Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil
• Orphaned Elephant and Rhino Care – Kenya – The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust
• Contributing to the Betterment of African Zoos – PAAZAB – Pan African Association of Zoos an Aquaria
• Global Environmental Sustainability – OPT – Optimum Population Trust
• Elephant Conservation – Africa – International Elephant Foundation

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