Myrtle Beach Attractions – Chance The Leopard

Learn about the Leopard from Dr. Bhagavan Antle and visit T.I.G.E.R.S. Preserve in Myrtle Beach for your own Carolina Safari.

This animal is a spotted leopard. It is a lot smaller than a tiger but it makes up for its size with brain power. Leopard size depends on the subspecies and location, with the largest animals growing to a length of nearly 5 feet. The male is between 20-40% larger than the female.  A full-grown leopard can weigh up to 150 pounds. The base coloration of the coat also varies greatly depending upon location, ranging from golden/yellow through yellow/cream to deep gold. All black leopards (Black Panthers) are born in the same litter as normally marked cats and also carry the rosette markings, although these are masked by the darkness of the fur.

The leopard is the smartest of the big cats. It is the only big cat that has learned to store its food above ground from scavengers. It can carry prey twice its body weight high into the tops of the trees to save and eat at his leisure. Its brain power also gives it an advantage as a more cunning hunter.

Leopards are found all throughout Asia and Africa. They are a very adaptive animal and are able to quickly discern patterns. This helps them to hunt a wide variety of prey from small gazelle, to birds, to large eland and wildebeest.

  Dr. Bhagavan Antel with Chance              Chance the Leopard           Tours in Myrtle Beach

Want to see a leopard in person, visit The Institute of Greatly Endangered and Rare Species in Myrtle Beach.  Learn more about Tours in Myrtle Beach.

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