Tours in Myrtle Beach-Check out Safari in Myrtle Beach

It is well known that everyone loves primates. In fact, it is theorized that we love watching them since they are so similar to us. When compared to chimpanzees, we are less than 1% different in our DNA makeup.

T.I.G.E.R.S. is the home of several different types of primates. We house
a troop of macaques made up of two Snow macaques, a Bonnet macaque, and a Rhesus macaque. This troop has starred in movies like Jungle Book, Ace Ventura Pet Detective II "When Nature Calls" and in NBC’s "Carriers".


We are also home to Rafiki and Congo, who are Mandrill baboons. These beautifully colored animals are some of the most stunning primates around. They have starred in many different photo shoots as well as Jungle Book and Ace Ventura II, where Rafiki stands guard over the sacred white bat.


Recently, we have been lucky enough to have some baby Yellow baboons join our family. The four of them have a great time tearing around our front yard and jumping from the trees. They also like to join us in the pool although they are not good swimmers.

Visit the Tigers Preserve on the web at

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