Lions, Tigers and Bears. Oh My!!!

There are two ways to experience the greatest hands-on, interactive wildlife encounter in the world. You can visit T.I.G.E.R.S. Preservation Station, located at Barefoot Landing in North Myrtle Beach for free! Or you can take the T.I.G.E.R.S. Wild Encounter Tour. 

Bhagavan Antle, or Doc Antle, presides over T.I.G.E.R.S., The Institute of Greatly Endangered and Rare Species located in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.  Doc is a very famous big cat expert. He has a huge experience of more than 20 years with big cats including tigers, lions and ligers. 


The mane of the male lion is like battle armor, the thick hair around his neck and throat makes it hard for him to be killed in battles with other male lions. It is also the mane which makes the male lion so striking and attractive to the female lions. The African lion is considered to be one of the most difficult big cats to work with. Lions are known fighters; in nature they are always trying to take over a pride of females or trying to keep the pride they have. This social fighting makes the lion a very tough animal to handle.

Aurther, the lion, is one of the great exceptions. He is the world’s best lion and has been an animal actor more than all the other animal of T.I.G.E.R.S. combined. He delivered the crown jewels to the princess of Malasia on her sixteenth birthday from her mother the queen. He even visited the New York Stock Exchange. His personal credits include: Beloved, Wild America, Ace Venture – When Nature Calls, the MGM lion, Konica Copier lion, Dreyfus Fund lion, as well as hundreds of others. Here he is relaxing for the afternoon in a tree on the set of Born Free.


In 1996 Aurther became the proud father of two sons, Lord and Asland (seen above), who will continue his legacy. They now star in their own roles and have become logo representatives as well, as Aurther heads for retirement. Aurther now chooses the prime jobs for himself leaving the harder work for his two sons.

T.I.G.E.R.S. and the R.S.F. (Rare Species Fund) are based in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and operate four public education exhibits; Two "Preservation Stations" in Myrtle Beach, SC, "Wild Encounters" located at Jungle Island in Miami, FL as well as yearly productions in the Boston, MA area of the highly acclaimed show "The Tale of the Tiger". 

Visit T.I.G.E.R.S. and take the tour….for the time of your life!

One response to “Lions, Tigers and Bears. Oh My!!!

  • Amanda

    Hi, I was just wondering if someone had any advice for a college student who one day dreams to work with exotic animals like these in order to help protect and preserve the species. I have loved tigers ever since I was a little girl and would love to work with them one day, and my question is, do I need a degree as a vet in order to fulfill this dream? Any advice really would help.


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