Take a Walk on the Wild Side at a Myrtle Beach Attraction

The car passed a mobile home down a gravel road and approached the 8-foot-high gate and came to a stop.  At 9:15, as  the gate slowly opened, we were instructed by Myrtle Beach Safari employees to leave our cell phones and cameras in our vehicles and were led inside.  Once we checked in, we were introduced to a Guiness Book of World Records-holder-900 lb, 12-feet-long male liger named Hercules. 


I wrote about T.I.G.E.R.S. and Hercules in earlier musings; he eats about 25 lbs or meat a day.  He loves something called, King Lion diet, which is made basically by taking a horse, a cow, a couple of pigs and a flock of chickens and putting them into a blender on high with all they parts and pieces. This ends up looking like a raw bloody meatloaf. Hercules also enjoy restaurant quality chicken thigh quarters and chunk beef.

The rest of the morning we frolicked with an Asian bearcat, fed a baby tiger cub with a baby bottle,  and met Bubbles the amazing elephant with tour founder, Dr. Bhagavan Antle riding atop her leathery back. 

T.I.G.E.R.S. and Preservation Station, located in Myrtle Beach remain popular attractions.  Read what others say: 

Money Well Spent – "We took the tour on a very hot day. If you can go in cooler months I think it would be more comfortable. This was a expensive trip. We paid $200. a person, but felt it was worth every penny. There was two things I wish had turned out different. First, We got a phone call the day before the tour and was told we could not get the dvd of us on the tour because the camera man was out of town. They gave us a refund,but we really wanted it because you cannot take a camera on the tour with you. We did buy the cd of pictures of us with the animals. That had over 100 pictures on it and cost an extra $125. It was worth it. The second thing I wish was different was we didn’t get to see the elephant they show on the web site. That day they were short a person so they cut that part of the tour.I must say the staff is very friendly and share lots of information about the animals. They give you snacks and drinks on the tour as well. It really was worth every penny spent. My kids 9 and 11 years old will remember this for a very long time."

Great Experience! – "I loved this attraction. You get to take pictures with a selection of baby animals from their preserve, including tigers, monkeys, lions. It was neat to get a hands on experience with these animals in a safe setting. The pictures were a wonderful souvenir."


When you take the tour, you are not only witnessing an amazing animal show, you are helping out with support, research and conservation projects for Endangered wildlife species and the rare species fund.  For additional information, visit www.myrtlebeachsafari.com/.

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