Learn how you can meet Bubbles the Elephant at www.myrtlebeachsafari.com


Bubbles became a member of the family in 1984.  The "little girl" is now 27 years old and over 9 feet tall, weighing almost 4 tons. She loves to go for rides through the countryside, while browsing on greenery, and swimming in the inter coastal waterway which is next to her home. Bubbles has a very affectionate relationship with everyone since she works very little, unlike a circus elephant. Bubbles has had her moments of fame though. She has starred in Ace Ventura II, Malaika – HBO Special Movie, a Janet Jackson video and even some magazine photo shoots and ads. They would never trade these last 20 happy years; the moments and memories will last a lifetime.


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Location: P.O. box 3210, Myrtle Beach, SC 29588

Affiliation    : T.I.G.E.R.S.
Birthday:   10 June 1983
Biography: Bubbles the Elephant lives at the 50 acre T.I.G.E.R.S. Preserve, in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, with over 100 other animals. Bubbles and her other animal friends are part of a wild life conservation effort called The Rare Species Fund (RareSpeciesFund.org). Her Trainer is Doc Antle and here is
Personal interests:  Swimming, Meeting New People, Splashing Water, Eating, Traveling
Email: BubbesTheElephant@rocketmail.com
Website: http://MyrtleBeachSafari.com

T.I.G.E.R.S. and the R.S.F. (Rare Species Fund) are based in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and operate four public education exhibits; Two "Preservation Stations" in Myrtle Beach, SC, "Wild Encounters" located at Jungle Island in Miami, FL as well as yearly productions in the Boston, MA area of the highly acclaimed show "The Tale of the Tiger".

At the Preservation Stations, the wildlife ambassadors; the great apes, big cats, elephant and a stunning group of other highly interactive animal ambassadors, offer our guests a collection of experiences that can be life changing. While at the preserves, the participants senses are awakened to a whole new world; feeling the leathery hide of our elephant, the soft touch of a lynx, the sweet smell of a binturong and the heart pounding sound of tigers running at 55 miles per hour. Our visitors see animals they know and love displaying their spectacular natural talents and have encounters with new ones they never even knew existed. During these encounters, guests connect with wildlife in a very intimate way which personally involves them in the lives of these amazing animals. They then walk away into the world with a desire to save these creatures and help preserve their environments.

Guests also enjoy wondrous experiences which live on for a lifetime in the hundreds of individual and group high end professional photographs and video we take of them on this once in a lifetime journey. They leave Preservation Station with images that only a few privileged photographers and explorers on safari have captured after years of travel; a tiger or cheetah running at full speed or swimming across a clear pool, the great apes sliding through the canopy or a large tusked elephant just a breath away. You can tell from their pictures and the letters they send us how it has changed them. This experience happens every day.

The Rare Species Fund was established to provide funding to critical, on the ground, international wildlife conservation programs, thereby complimenting the educational messages and field research of T.I.G.E.R.S.. The Fund receives its financing base through a percentage of revenues taken in by T.I.G.E.R.S., the generosity of donations from exhibit guests, and the general public. Please join us in our worldwide education and conservation efforts at www.Tigerfriends.com or www.myrtlebeachsafari.com/

One response to “Learn how you can meet Bubbles the Elephant at www.myrtlebeachsafari.com

  • Lani busbin

    My friend was once photographed with Bubbles when she was young and would love to make contact with Bubbles again. How can she do this? I live in Myrtle Beach and want to make this happen for her again. Thank you!


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