Preservation Station in Myrtle Beach – Wondrous experiences which live on for a lifetime.

Good Friday afternoon from TIGERS in Myrtle Beach!  The staff and animals, dedicated to ongoing breeding and international conservation projects are currently in high gear at the 50 acre Preserve and Preservation Station. 

In response to the pressing environmental stresses that threaten the survival of all felines in nature, another organization, the Feline Conservation Federation is dedicated to responsible captive management of wild feline genetics.

Feline Conservation Federation (FCF) is a non-profit, non-governmental organization that consists of wild feline managers, educators, conservationists, researchers, and all those who support the mission of feline conservation.

For more than fifty years FCF has supported conservation efforts worldwide through the leadership of our members who specialize in captive feline husbandry.

FCF certifies instructors that in turn teach Basic Wild Feline Husbandry Courses around the country setting the standards for feline handler safety and feline management.

FCF also accredits feline holding facilities to insure that they operate within our higher standards of management and facility design while continuing to provide quality care and enrichment above all other zoological institutions.

FCF awards grants funding backbone field research and protection of wild habitats. One of our many advisors is Dr. Jim Sanderson, Ph.D. who sits on the FCF Conservation/Research Grant Committee.

FCF raises funds for its Wildcat Safety Net program that provides emergency care and transport of felines in need.

Membership is open to any non-domestic keepers, handlers and owners as well as those interested in them and the conservation of all 37 species. We invite you to Join us.

Members receive the national award-winning bimonthly Journal. This publication is packed full of husbandry articles, member’s accounts of their feline experiences and updates on FCF supported in-situ and ex-situ conservation efforts.

Make a difference! Do something good today! Join us, Support us or Contact us today and see how you can become a part of the oldest, premiere private Feline Conservation Organization in the world!


Guests at the Preserve and Preservation Station enjoy wondrous experiences which live on for a lifetime in the hundreds of individual and group high end professional photographs and video we take of them on this once in a lifetime journey. They leave Preservation Station with images that only a few privileged photographers and explorers on safari have captured after years of travel; a tiger or cheetah running at full speed or swimming across a clear pool, the great apes sliding through the canopy or a large tusked elephant just a breath away. You can tell from their pictures and the letters they send us how it has changed them. This experience happens every day.

For more information on TIGERS, please visit

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