My Dream

My whole life I have absolutely adored and admired these beautiful large cats in every way possible, from their amazing abilities to their out standing beauty and personalities they are truly magnificent creatures that i would absolutely love to spend the rest of my life with. Although I’m only 14 years old I truly do believe that what my future holds will be an amazing journey for me. My dream is to open up a place just like yours and make sure that these incredible animals will always have a place to call home. In the future I truly want to make sure that all of these beautiful cats r going to be able to walk this earth for many many more years than i ever will. I have been doing much research on different large cat species and recently looked into the variety of tiger species only to find that three have already been extinct. Its just not fair what we humans are doing to these poor innocent animals, poaching has become such a large problem in some parts of the world and why do people even poach?, for money that will end up eventually going to waist. I really would love to become apart of these cats lives. I have already started a little business of my own to raise money for these cats and am hopping one day i can truly make a difference in this world. I am working on expanding my business into something bigger. My goal right now is to raise at least $1000:00 for these big cats but I’m still not sure where to donate it. Surely after looking at your website and what you guys have done you will definitely be on the top of my donation list. Im just a teenage girl trying to make a difference in the world, and i truly believe that one day i will. Also i would one day love to work at the myrtle beach safari with all you incredible and truly amazing people and of course all the wonderful and loving animals. Maybe when i am older i will have that choice, but for now starting off small doesn’t hurt. Keep me in mind for job opportunities in a few years. It would truly make me the happiest girl on earth. ~lots of love ,

Name: samantha vlachos
City: maple ontario (Toronto)
State: canada

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