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Greetings from T.I.G.E.R.S. in Myrtle Beach!  It’s Thursday and I can’t think of a better day to talk about T.I.G.E.R.S.  So let’s go!

I’ll bet you thought that a white tiger seems like a legend or myth right? The white tiger is neither a myth nor an invention, it’s a phenomenon of nature.  You might have wondered what the white tiger symbolizes.  The White Tiger is believed to have divine power to ward off evil, punish the evil and praise the good, bring wealth and good match for marriage etc.

White tigers lack the pheomelanin pigment which is the same pigment that gives other tigers and humans red hair. They still have the pigment that allows them to have the black and brown coloration which prevents them from being considered albinos.

The white tiger is a variant of the Bengal tiger, and are usually referred to as Royal Bengal tigers. Some white tigers have stripes that are so faint, that they appear completely white to the naked eye. Today, white tigers are being bred in captivity and several hundred now live in zoos around the world.

Although you might think of white tigers being Siberian, actually there have not been any documented cases of white Siberian tigers found in the wild.

To learn more about tigers come to v in Myrtle Beach, take the safari and have your picture taken holding a real tiger cub.


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